As you can see from my list, I have my clients well covered.  I do not bring everything to my shoots, so if you are looking at some of my specialties, please let me know as I bring different equipment as needed.


Sony A9

Sony A7riii x2

Sony RX1R



16-35mm F4 Zeiss

18mm 2.8 Zeiss Batis

24mm 1.4 GM

24-70 F2.8  GM

28mm F2 Sony

35mm 1.4 Zeiss 

55mm 1.8 Zeiss

85mm 1.8 Sony

135mm 1.8 Zeiss 

135mm 2.8 Zeiss Batis

70-200 f4 Sony G

Crp Sensor 

16-70 4 Zeiss

MF/Legacy Glass:

15mm f4 Macro

21mm 1.8 Voigtlander

35mm 1.4 Voigtlander Classic 

50mm 1.5 Leica Summilux

50mm 1.5 Voigtlander

50mm 2.9 Trioplan (new version)

50mm 1.8 Meyer Optik ​Oreston

50mm 2.5 Collapsible Leica

50mm f2.8 Industar-61 LZ Macro

55MM F/1.8 Fujinon

58mm 1.5 Helios

58mm 1.5 Helios Modified Anamorphic 

65mm 2 Voigtlander Macro

85mm 1.7 Minolta MC Rokkor PF

85mm 1.5 Helios

90mm 2.5 Tamron 90mm SP Tele Macro

80-200mm F4 ​Canon  FD

80-200mm f2.8 ED AF Nikon

and more

Auto-focus Adapters

MC-11 for Canon

Techart for M to E

Canon Lenses 

200mm 2.8 Canon AF

70-200mm f/4 Canon EF  L IS USM

Underwater set up is with a Sony a7riii/a6500 and Outex



Godox ad200's = 2, V860ii = 4, 350=2.  I have at least total 8 flashes.

MagMod Stuff 

I have most of it!


VIdeo Lights 

I also have a ton of these.  I have the Lume Cubes 1500 lumen  (4 of them), A 2800 lumin Big Blue (waterproof...brighter than cop lights haha), 2 1000 lumin Big Blue (waterproof) are the main ones I use but also have others that are dimable, can go from warm to cool light etc...


Reflectors and other gadgets/tricks :) 


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Being a member of the following Wedding Photographer websites are only allowed by being judged for quality and professionalism.  Check them out by clicking the banner below, I have won many international awards through some of them from 2005 to present.