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 I can tell you I love what I do (I know all photographers say that but really I do), I think my work speaks for itself.  I have over 14 years experience shooting weddings and I am an international award winning photographer.  I just got remarried myself June 11th 2015. Getting married again after being a wedding photographer opened my eyes in ways that will definitally be benifitial to you from weddings to family sessions and portraits.  The photo above is Steve and I at our redo reception in Lake Havasu Arizona.  We got married on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego (we didn't make the first reception...but made the wedding). I will be sharing that story here too.  I always tell my brides and grooms..."Something will happen differently than you planned and it is part of your story."  WELL, I have a good one.  I will share my photos as well...they are amazing!

Sunset Cliffs and Bonita Backyard reception.  Check out my coffe table image wraped album.  While I did not take the photos, I did have a lot of control in what they came out to be.  Thank you to Bethany Rose who often second shoots for me for dealing with my laid back OCD that kicked in.  Yes...a contradiction but true.  Being a photographer for  over 11  years, then getting to do a second wedding my way after had to be a challenge for her. She also let me edit my own photos...which is awsome.  I also think it has helped me in seeing the brides point of view all over again after years of experience.  I now have so much more to offer to my brides.  Also thank you to my other two photographers, Toby (my underwater photographer) and Xavier (my second shooter) for photographing it my way as well haha.

My Coffee Table book

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Here are a few pics from our Lake Havasu reception redo...so much fun to get to play up on a second reception with a wild west desert theme Havasu style. As you can see, I LOVE photography and this goes for you especially but for myself as well and feel it is important to document our lives and have family photos.  You got to love Steve's snakeskin pants (don't worry, it's not real...snakes were not killed).

Havasu Reception Redo

And a few from the formal session in Lake Havasu with Toby...we HAD to go in the water.

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Being a member of the following Wedding Photographer websites are only allowed by being judged for quality and professionalism.  Check them out by clicking the banner below, I have won many international awards through some of them from 2005 to present.

Check out our video, drone and all!  From Sunset Cliffs to Lake Havasu and an all ngiht canoe ride by full moon Focused Bliss Productions did a great job!
Make sure to change the settings to HD when watching :)!